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Fast Relief from Break up

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Fast Relief from Break up

3 EFT / NLP videos (MP4) & 2 audio files (MP3) into a RAR File (compressed), size: 1.52 GB (1,641,063,849 bytes)
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Fast Relief from Break up

Breaking up with someone we have shared our most intimate feelings with could be one of the most challenging situations we have to go through. I know it feels heavy for you right now. I know it sucks and it hurts like hell. You probably feel an exasperating mix of fear, betrayal, anger, sadness, depression, despair, etc.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, it doesn’t matter how many times you have been abandoned. It doesn’t matter for how long you have been lying to yourself. NOW you can choose something else. Besides, once you'll discover that there are 20 flavors of ice cream, you will find it difficult to believe that there is only vanilla.

No matter how we look at it, we rarely respond to reality itself, but we rather operate from our internal representation of the world and our belief systems. You know very well that behind this experience there are some patterns at work.

Those patterns stop repeating then when we have the courage to dive in and release the beliefs and the emotional charges that brought forth this experience. They stop repeating when unconsciously there is no more need for them to be there. And this is precisely what this short program will do for you.

While there could be different beliefs/fears, mother/father figures involved in the process for each of us, I have identified three general steps and shortcuts for a softer process that will allow you to let go and reconnect with the love that you are.

  - Step 1: Release the emotional charges.
  - Step 2: Learn the lesson.
  - Step 3: Get curious.

Concretely speaking I prepared for you 3 videos (one for each step) and a bonus video (surprise!!) as well as 2 audio files in MP3 format.

Here is what the programs proposes:

  • A ten pages document providing a short description of each step, putting you in the context of the work we are doing together.

  • VIDEO 1
    STEP 1: Release Emotional Charges.
  • This first video is an EFT session meant to help you acknowledge and release the intense cocktail of emotional responses: the sense of loss, the fear of not being loved, the fear of being unlovable, the anger, the frustration, the guilt, the sadness, the rejection, etc.

    All these emotions need to be allowed and welcomed in order to be released and transformed. Doing the “tapping” while allowing yourself to experience these emotions will allow you to free yourself from the heavy emotional charges in a softer way and literally turn each of these emotions into love.

  • VIDEO 2
    STEP 2:Learn the lesson.
  • This second video is a mix of EFT and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) meant to help you extract what you need to learn from this experience so that you can move on and open yourself to love.

    The reason for which we keep repeating the same behaviors and we keep living the same scenarios is that unconsciously “the lesson” has not been “learned”.

    The EFT session will help you release the resistance to learning – obviously there is a positive intention for that, you will learn more about it in the program.

    The NLP will allow you to connect to your unconscious mind and start retrieving the learning – which you already know by the way.

  • VIDEO 3
    STEP 3: Get curious.
  • The third video is an NLP session meant to help you remember and awaken the feelings of curiosity and playfulness which will allow you to receive more of what life can offer to you.

    Curiosity is a very useful and positive state to be in. especially in moment like this when the heart is going through a opening process. It involves interest, eagerness and playfulness. Curiosity is the absolute opposite of fear.

    The purpose of this session is to awaken, anchor and strengthen this state in your neurology.

    Feeling Freakin’ Happy.
  • This bonus material is an EFT session meant to use, amplify and generalize the states of joy and excitement you may experience as you are clearing the emotional charges.

    The level of vibration of the world we live in is so dense and heavy that we are not used to being and feeling happy. We are not used to living our lives from this state of joy and beatitude, fluidity of energy and aliveness.

    You have to remember as well, that when we feel blocked, not only that we perceive the “negative” of the situation through the eyes of a past rejection or abandonment, in a sort of deformed image, but we also we tend to reject, exclude and ignore everything that has been given to us, all proofs of love. Being totally incapable to receive.

    As you are clearing the negative charges, remove some of the old perceptual filters and reshape your perception, you will find yourself in this state of energy and drive and love.

    You will naturally tap into the state of love that you are that is usually activated when you fall in love with somebody. This time it will become clear to you that when you fall in love YOU are the source of the love you are feeling; the other person simply helps you unleash it. The lightness, the energy level, the joyful state is YOU. This state is YOU.

    Two MP3's:


These files are the 2 NLP sessions of step 2 and 3.
Thus you can use them easier and listen to them before going to sleep and even during the night.

Enjoy my program, you are worth it and you are ready for it!

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After you downloaded the RAR file, you need to unpack its contents in order to use it.

We recommend Windows users to use 7 zip since this program is free, open source, and supports all major compressed file formats..

You can extract a compressed RAR file on a Mac using the Unarchiver and Stuffit Expander applications.



MP3 Audio Files.

Audio files samples and material to be purchased and downloaded

This audio material is designed to bypass your thinking mind and address directly to your unconscious mind, thus helping you to reprogram it with the desired outcomes. The hypnotic speech, the NLP techniques and the binaural sound will allow a direct access to the part of you who knows and has all the answers.

Remember that you do not need to do anything to make your heart beat. Another part of you, wiser, deeper, smarter does this job for you. These recordings will simply establish a communication with this aspect of you and delegate to it your concerns.

Whether we want money, freedom, love, a better job etc., what we ultimately want is a STATE. And as the best way to achieve your goal is by cultivating the state that corresponds to it, most of my MP3 materials will work on increasing SENSATIONS AND FEELINGS in your body.

It is best that you listen to this material before bed or during a nap or your relaxation time, as it might be reducing your concentration abilities. Do not listen while driving or performing activities that require your full attention and concentration. You might fall asleep while listening. If so, do not worry, everything you will be hearing will be directly recorded in your mind.

For best results, please listen to the recording in a loop at night for at least 2 weeks. Let me know how it worked for you and share with me your suggestions and ideas for materials of this type.

Increasing Love (NLP)
Listen "Increasing Love (NLP)" free on SoundCloud

The State Of Prosperity (Sample)

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Reduce Anxiety (Sample)

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Soulmate (Sample)

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What if you are not depressed in the first place?

Suzana Panasian Disponible en anglais uniquement.

"What if you are not depressed in the first place?"

Download the preview of the book. (PDF)


The answer to any question is always to be found in the deepest layers of your Mind.

Even Depression, considered one of the most damaging conditions of our times, could be transformed from within, when we know how to access the aspect of our mind which allows the transformation.

The book will introduce you to some of the deepest truths about the Mind and its three levels of functioning of your Mind and will show you how to access the unlimited reservoir of knowledge, energy and consciousness that is hidden in all of us.

Behind a depressive state there is always a negative concept.

When depressed, we believe that there is nothing we can do about it; Depression fees like the place from where we have no more control in our life. We feel powerless and without solution. We feel stuck. Feelings, thinking patterns and moods feel so powerful, that we cannot see beyond them.

While we tend to believe that a negative state is a symptom of the depression, from a Vedic perspective, depression is the consequence of a negative concept or a structure of judgements and opinions about your life and yourself.

Your mind has the capacity to transform and digest any belief.v Nobody can have a better understanding of one's own mind than oneself and that the only one who could really make transformation possible is YOU.

Through the exercises proposed in the book you can awaken a latent function of the Mind which has been long forgotten and ignored: the Inner Observer, The Consciousness.

The six Key questions will reveal to you the deeply rooted causes of the negative thoughts and feelings polluting our minds and give the way to go beyond them.


The Vedic knowledge about your mind and the exercises suggested to you in the book will help you see that:

  • Your mind is the SOURCE of everything that happens in your life.
  • Behind any life situation including depression there is a core belief or a structure of ideas which keeps you PRISONER.
  • The state of Joy you keep looking for has NOTHING to do with what you think.
  • Your mind is an instrument of perception which is FLEXIBLE, MALLEABLE AND TRAINABLE.
  • There is a function of your mind which allows the digestion and the integration of ANY idea or concept of belief. You will learn which one it is and how to access it.


The exercises suggested in the book and the questions will allow to:

  • Identify the negative tendencies of your mind.
  • Question your old points of view that keep you stuck.
  • Supervise and use properly your emotional mind.
  • Access your Conscious mind which will allow you to observe and integrate your negative thinking patterns.
  • Discriminate and discern between what is true and what is a lie in your life.
  • Address any negative feeling as it arises, through simple, direct, accessible and powerful exercises.
  • Move from the role of victim and the feeling of no value towards the true sense of Self and authentic Joy.
  • Remember that you can always chose what you want to feel about anything.

"How to shift from Depression to Joy?"

Volume 2 of "What if not depressed in the first place?" gives the reader a complete guide on how to shift from Depression to Joy.

Addressing the most deeply rooted beliefs leading to depression, the book is leading the reader through the various layers of the mental structure which keeps one prisoner in a negative state.

What if not depressed in the first book, volume 2, is more than a book. It is an experience in which the reader, the book and the act of reading become One, in the process of shifting from limitations to infinite possibilities