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   The treatments are also available in packages.
  Please check out the packages so you can benefit from prices that better suit your needs.
  The prices listed below are per single treatment.

Prices & options

Please note that the Consultation and the Emotional Freedom sessions are also available on line, via Skype. Depending on your needs, a combination of these will be used to optimise the results for you.

Services & Treatments Details Price
Consultation Consultation (1 h30) 95 €
Abhyanga (1h) The complete body massage (1h) 75 €
Abhyanga (1h 30) The complete body massage (1h 30) 95 €
Pad-Abhyanga The foot massage (30 min) 45 €
Shiro abhyanga The head massage (30 min) 45 €
Shirodhara Shirodhara 75 €
Ubtan Ubtan 75 €
Garshana Garshana 75 €
Basti Basti 55 €
Facial (1h) Treatment (1h) 65 €
Facial (1h 30) Treatment (1h 30) 85 €
Marma (30 min) Treatment (30 min) 55 €
Marma (1h) Treatment (1h) 75 €
Yoga nidra Yoga nidra 35 €
Private Yoga (1 person) Private Yoga Class (1 person) 45 €
Private Yoga (2 person) Private Yoga Class (2 persons) 25 € / person
Services & Soins Détails Prix
Consultation Consultation (1 h30) 45 €
Abhyanga (1h) The complete body massage (1h) 55 €
Shirodhara Shirodhara 45 €
Ubtan Ubtan 45 €
Garshana Garshana 45 €
Basti Basti 35 €
Facial (1h) Facial treatment (1h) 45 €
Yoga nidra Yoga nidra 25 €
Private Yoga Class Private Yoga Class (1 person)td> 35 €
Emotional Release (1h30) Emotional Release (EFT) (1h 30) 40 €
Releasing Core Beliefs (1h) Releasing Core Beliefs (1h) 45 €
Access Bars (1h 30) Access Consciousness Bars (1h 30) 45 €


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