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Understand your natural tendencies

The Ayurvedic consultation helps you learn more about your unique profile and it gives you a deeper understanding of the nature of your body and its needs. During the meeting we will discuss your specific concerns (physical or emotional) and will decide together on a few changes you need to make in your life in order to address those and find your sense of balance.

According to the Ayurvedic science, the state of health has 4 main components:

  • The physical and mental health.
  • The professional accomplishment.
  • Healthy relationships.
  • Relationship with self.

During the Consultation we’ll assess all of these aspects of your life and we’ll review your actual lifestyle routines in order to develop a deeper understanding of your Prakriti as well as the causes of your discomfort.

During this first meeting we will assess the main doshic imbalances that may cause disorders and we will decide upon a program aiming at restoring your natural state of balance.

Some of the recommendations may include advice relating to diet, herbal supplements, exercise, Ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle changes that will help create harmony, wellness and vitality in your life. Others recommendations will aim to address the main blockages or patterns through emotional release techniques.


  • Consultation (1h30): 95 €

What can you expect from the consultation:

  • A better understanding of your nature and doshic tendencies as well as the causes of your imbalances.
  • Suggestions on the types of foods which are suitable for your constitution and for your needs.
  • Suggestions on the treatments that you could benefit from.
  • Recommendations on herbal and mineral supplements.
  • An emotional clearing which will give you a good start in your search for well-being.


The complete body massage

Abhyanga is an exotic and unique experience which goes way beyond a simple massage. Apart from toning and relaxing the muscles, giving strength to your immune system and its rejuvenating properties, abhyanga gives you a sense of balance, centeredness and relaxation you may have not experienced yet.

A traditional Ayurvedic massage technique, Abhyanga is the process of applying warm medicated oil adapted to your type and specific needs. The type of oil and the herbs used are adapted to your own specific needs.

In general Abhyanga is designed to stimulate the free circulation of energy through the subtle channels, reduces the stress and the fatigue accumulated in the body.

Abhyanga and the Doshas

Vata doshas tend towards excess dryness, both on the skin (including wrinkles) and internally. They may develop nerve and bone disorders, constipation, anxiety, and weak immune disorders. Oil application restores moisture to the skin, soothes the nerves, strengthens the bones, and nourishes the tissues. The best oil is the sesame oil, medicated with general Vata reducing herbs and essential oils.

Pitta constitutions generally have heat excesses such as skin rashes, ulcers, infections, eye, heart, and blood disorders; impatience, and hot temper. Applying oils that are sweet and cooling brings balance, and also heals and prevents further occurrence of these situations. Sunflower oil or coconut oil is blended with general Pitta reducing herbs and essential oils.

Kapha people retain water, and tend to suffer from symptoms such as water retention, excessive weight, edema, mucus, lung and sinus congestion; they may also have sluggish minds. Warm oils help remove the excessive amounts of water and restore balance. The application of certain mixes or powders helps reduce Kapha, liquefy fat and create good skin tone. Sesame, mustard, or canola oil is blended with general Kapha-reducing herbs and essential oils, or herbs and oils for specific health conditions.


  • Abhyanga (1h): 75 €
  • Abhyanga (1h30): 95 €


One important benefit from Abhyanga is the stimulation of the lymphatic system. The lymph is pervasive throughout the body, except in the brain, bone marrow, and deep skeletal muscle. Its main role is to carry nutrients to and remove toxins from the cells. By rubbing the oil on the body, circulation is enhanced and the lymphatic fluid is being secreted by the lymphatic nodes.

This favours more protein, glucose, minerals oxygen, and antibodies, involved with the lymphatic system, to circulate in the blood.

Pad abhyanga

The foot massage

The feet are the seat of meridians, marma points and many nerve endings so they are the key to healing the entire body.
This deeply relaxing treatment uses warm healing oil to massage the feet and the lower limbs to restore energy within the body.

This foot massage treatment is recommended to have with Abhyanga but it you can choose it by itself as well as an indulgent treat for your mind and body.


  • Pad abhyanga (0h30): 45 €


Among the benefits of Padabhyanga: it calms the mind and promotes sounds sleep, removes fatigue and cramps.. highly recommended for insomnia and stress

Shiro abhyanga

The head massage

The shiroabhyanga is the holistic head massage using Ayurvedic oils. It includes gentle deep strokes and pressure on various Marma points over your entire head, neck, and shoulders.

The herbal and essential oils used in this therapy help balance the Doshas, strengthen hair roots and improve hair condition, thus making your hair healthy and lustrous


  • Shiro abhyanga (0h30): 45 €


Shiro Abhyanga is good to relieve headaches and tension, promotes sound sleep, clarity and relaxation.


Soothing and relaxing experience

Shirodhara is one of the most soothing and relaxing experience you could offer yourself.

Shirodhara is the process of letting a continual flow of warm medicated oil to stimulate the third eye and the entire area of the forehead.

The time allotted to this treatment varies between 15 to 30 min followed by a soft and relaxing head massage. The procedure is followed by a short massage of the head area

Shirodhara (shiro=head; dhara=protection) is mainly one of the best tonics of the nervous system, proving to induce very efficiently a state of deep relaxation. Its soothing effect on the nervous system alleviates stress and calms the mind improving the power of comprehension and our memory.


  • Shirodhara (0h45): 75 €


It is calming and relaxing and quite helpful for stress, anxiety, insomnia, nervous disorders, migraines, lower back pain, kidney problems and constipation.

At a deeper level, this procedure helps release our emotional blockages, our non-solved negative patterns stored at the deeper level of our mental field.


Ubtan is a cleansing and detox treatment

A very efficient beauty treatment for the body

An excellent tool to reduce the cellulites, a very efficient skin care procedure best done after Abhyanga.

Ubtan are cleansing pastes or powders prepared from herbs and flours or grind of legumes.

They clarify the skin by drawing the heat from the blood; they stimulate the lymph flow and exfoliate the skin and firm the body. Traditional pastes use specific herbs that break down congested toxins in the body and the lymph and encourage the body to release toxins naturally.

The procedure starts with a short oil massage on the body. Then the salt mix is applied on the skin more or less vigorously depending on the dosha. Then the herbal mix is left on the body to ensure a better penetration of the ingredients in the skin


  • Ubtan (1h00): 75 €


The skin is the main eliminative organ of the body. Garshana will exfoliate the dead cells and thus allow the skin to breathe better.


Garshana is a treatment which opens the nadis

(the subtle energy channels).

It is a vigorous body massage using salt, camphor, oil, essential oils and fresh aromatic herbs, it assists in mobilizing and removing excess kapha dosha.

It is ideal for those of Kapha constitution, however, anybody can benefit from it, mostly when we aim dosha reduction and purification, as it is a cleansing procedure.


  • Garshana (1h00): 75 €


The skin is the main eliminative organ of the body. Garshana will exfoliate the dead cells and thus allow the skin to breathe better.

  • Reverses and prevents aging and increases longevity.
  • The skin becomes younger and livelier.
  • This will allow absorbing more of the health giving properties of the oils that we apply further.
  • It helps increase circulation and it facilitates the body processing fat and cellulite.
  • It improves lymphatic circulation and drainage.
  • It is also producing static electricity, which alkalizes the blood and detoxifies the body.


Hruti Basti

A small tank of dough is made on the chest around the region of the sternum and medicated oil is poured into it and kept there for a specific time. Mainly indicated for circulation, heart problems and skin problems. It is also very efficient in some Vata problems such as insomnia, tremors, palpitations, tachycardia and anxiety.

Kati Basti / Udara Basti

A tank of dough is being applied on the lombosacral region and kept there for a specific time. Kati Basti proves to be effeicinetly treating colics, tension, PMS, menstrual/hormonal imbalances, muscular, sciatic, hernia, mainly Vata problems.


Application of medicated oil to the eyes. A tank of dough is built around the eyes and lukewarm medicated oil is poured gently into the tank over both eyes. Indicated in case of eye problems caused by excessive exposure to effort (like in the case of computer use); eye inflammations, redness; in case of hyperactivity and lack of concentration and attention, in case of too much irritability and excessive Pitta. Basti is followed by the application of heat and a light massage of the head area.


  • Basti (0h45): 55 €


Part of the marma therapy, this procedure is the application of warm medicated oil in a dough made tank applied on different marmas (energy centers) of the body.


You are going to love it

This treatment is a treat in itself. Not only it gives you a very relaxing, nourishing and pampering experience, but also you will discover how beautiful your skin can really be. Compared to a regular cosmetic treatment, when you need a couple of days after the treatment for your skin to look gorgeous, the Ayurvedic facial provides you an immediate result with long lasting effects.

The Ayurvedic facial uses exclusively natural products: flours, vegetables, oils, aromatic oils, herbs and spices, meant to give back your skin its fresh, glowing and healthy look. It consists in the application of three facial masks: a cleansing mask, a rejuvenating mask and a moisturizing mask all adapted to your own specific skin type.

It includes also a light massage of the neck, chest, face and head stimulating the marmas (the energy points located on the head area).


  • Facial (1h00): 65 €
  • Facial (with 30 min extra massage): 85 €


The facial for Vata type skin will work on hydrating and nourishing the skin at a deep level, reducing its dryness and giving it more elasticity.

The facial for Pitta type skin is meant to reduce the heat, the irritations and the oily tendencies.

The facial for Kapha type skin will reduce the swelling and the water retention keeping it supple and revitalised.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga of Sleep

Yoga Nidra means sleeping with a little awareness. It is often translated as the Yoga of Sleep.

It is a powerful relaxation technique which helps you reprogram your subconscious mind.

It is a guided deep relaxation technique taking our awareness through the various layers of our being (physical, energy, emotions, and concepts).

Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga Nidra session (0h30): 35 €


During this practice we reach a state of mind between dream and wakefulness, thus reaching the subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind where we can plant seed thoughts through the repetition of a resolution or an affirmation.

Private yoga class

Hatha Yoga

The private yoga class can be given individually or to a couple. It could be an introduction to Hatha Yoga, a private class which will help you learn how to safely adapt the classical Hatha Yoga postures and movements to your own body.

Through a private Yoga class you can also learn how to adapt any Yoga practice to your own type, according to your dosha. The yoga postures and movements are powerful tools increasing the energy level and stimulating the main currents of energy in the body, therefore influencing the doshas.

Private Yoga class

Private Yoga class (1h15)

  • 1 person: 45 €
  • 2 persons: 25 € per person


Not all Asanas are good for everybody.

Knowing which postures are better for you will help you best fine tune your yoga practice and make it serve you better.


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