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About Me

As far as I can remember myself, I have been always passionate about the fundamental questions of life. As a child, I wanted to know who I was and what the purpose of life was. I still remember clearly moments of my very early years when I had fewer thoughts and I was experiencing that state of awe, of being, of total immersion in the flow of life.


Through life I had my own trials and challenges and somehow I have always known that the most direct way to find answers and solutions were in knowing and applying the Divine law. I could notice suffering around me, and I wanted to know what the cause of that was and mostly I wanted to find a way top ease it.

After having fulfilled my career as Manager in a major Corporation in Canada, where I learned a great deal about managing time, working with people, achieving results, it is a disease (endometriosis) that pushed me again towards finding answers.

This experience enabled me to access and learn even more about my own body, about my own mind and it is then that I have made the decision to change my life and pursue the study of Ayurveda more thoroughly.

My nature

My sensitive nature combined with my Cartesian/scientific mind were really a great ground to grow the seeds of this millenary knowledge of Ayurveda, as I was able to test the truth of this science and enjoy the fruits of my discipline.

After having an Ayurveda cabinet in Montreal for 6 years I moved to the South of France where I continue practicing this marvelous system – the most sophisticated body mind science – Ayurveda, the mother of all healing.

Ayurveda Therapist, I now blend the depth of Vedic science and the latest psychological techniques to help others find their own answers and reach their state of well-being and balance.

Working on myself and with others enabled me to acknowledge some fundamental truths:

  • The purpose of life is life itself that is searching to accomplish itself in a vibrant body and an illuminated mind
  • Everything that seems bad, ugly, painful or difficult can become a source of growth, as with every challenge life is asking us to grow and expand
  • Following the laws of nature/ the Divine laws is the key to living a healthy life
  • Mind can and should be mastered and we can learn how to think, else mind is thinking us
  • True wellbeing and freedom cannot exist without discipline
  • That the beauty of the mind, soul and body is what feeds us and keeps us in balance, just like the beauty of our garden enchants our eyes and our hearts


  • Master NLP practitioner (April 2017, Brighton UK)
  • NLP practitioner (January 2017, Brighton UK)
  • Hypnotherapist(2017)
  • Coach (2017)
  • Time line Techniques. (2017)
  • Notions of Mindfulness.(certificate Demystify Mindfulness October 2016)
  • Coaching Techniques Emotional Intelligence.(Certificate January 2015)
  • Access Consciousness Bars of Gary Douglas and Dain Heer. (2012)
  • TFT Tapping Nature's Healing System course.(2009)
  • EFT: Gary Craig’s Foundational, Intermediate and Honours EFT training.(2009)
  • Ayurveda Therapist/Pancha Karma. (2006 Brazil)
  • Certified Ayurvedic Health Educator Dr David Frawley.( USA 2005)

Other studies and interests:

  • Notion of somatic coaching. (Richard Strozzi)
  • Micro expression. (Paul Ekman)
  • Notions of 3D coaching. (Blaine Bartelet)
  • Technics of Instant Influence. (Michael Pantalon and Paul MCKenna)

Author of the book in two volumes available on Amazon, in Kindle format, "What if you are not depressed in the first place?" and "How to find the love of your dreams", these publications are available on Amazon Digital Services..

Wellness consultant and visiting practitioner since 2012 for the prestigious Spa International "Six Senses" offering services at the Spa in Doha (Qatar) and Marbella (Spain).

Owner of Ayurveda France wellbeing Center, practicing as International NLP coach helping successful people reach the balance between success, health and contentment, I work with people who are determined to bring their lives to another level in all areas of their lives.

Looking forward to working with you!

Welcoming You

Our Institute has a treatment room and a superb area for yoga, meditation or exercies. Located 20 km away from Carcassonne, there is plenty of beautiful corners to discover and visit in our area that will complete your stay.

A few days in our small center will give you a unique soothing and energizing experience which will make room for more BALANCE, JOY, EASINESS, FLUIDITY and CONSCIOUSNESS in your life.


Our Institute in Raissac-sur-Lampy has one double bed guestroom, ideal of one person or a couple.

Apart from the retreats, you can also choose to rent one of our rooms and receive some of our treatments available in the menu à la carte. Breakfast included.


the art of wellbeing, a 5,000 year old healing system

Ayurveda, the mother of all healing, is one of the oldest systems of medicine practiced in India for over 5000 years. Although its origins remain a mystery to historians, Ayurveda is believed to originate from the Vedic gods and passed down from generation to generation by the rishis and mystics of the Himalayas.

Ayurveda is a mind-body science

Ayurveda recognizes that mind and body are intertwined and by its means aims to establish a balance for both, as one cannot truly reach one’s full potential when the other is not strong enough.

We all have our own personal definition of what it means to be happy and balanced, and Ayurveda offers us the tools to help us understand personalized treatments and remedies to achieve this state.

Ayurveda, the science of the 5 elements and of ​​the three doshas

The concept of the five elements is fundamental in Ayurveda. In fact, Ayurveda is also called "the science of the five elements". The 5 elements of nature: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth exist in all forms of matter in the Universe. In the human body, these elements combine two by two and form the three fundamental forces of health, called the Doshas: VATA, PITTA et KAPHA.

  1. Vata, the energy of movement, is made up of ether and air.
  2. Pitta, the energy of transformation is the combination of fire and water.
  3. Kapha, the energy of structure and lubrication is water and earth.

The unique blend of these doshas forms your unique constitution which you inherit at birth and which does not change throughout your life. Your “dosha” or constitution, influences every aspect of your life from body structure, weight, digestion, emotional reactions etc. Thus, health and well-being are primarily the result of the balance of the doshas and depend in large measure on the attention you pay to these specific needs.

Whatever your constitution may be, your body tends to produce in excess the dosha or doshas that correspond to it. The goal of any Ayurvedic treatment therefore consists of two main lines: to eliminate toxins and to reduce the excessive dosha. This is the purpose of all treatments and cures offered here at my center.

Ayurveda offers simple, natural and gentle remedies

Ayurveda does not offer quick fixes or extreme or radical therapies. All its care - from spices to be used in food to body care, are simple and gentle habits that can become part of our lifestyle.

Ayurveda aims to address the cause of the imbalance, not just the symptoms; she recognizes that sometimes simple lifestyle changes are more effective in achieving true health.

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